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Here one can see stolen cats amongst many, all desperately in need of help.
The Tianjin Cat's Hope was launched on May 15th 2009.  Their goal is to do TNR to control the cat’s population; help stray cats in the living areas; and rescue cats. Each member pays 50 RMB monthly to help maintain the rescue group.  They hope to become a very effective group in Tianjin where there is a large stray cat population, and a paradise for catnappers.  Their hope is to make it so difficult for those criminals that they will eventually leave the region.


Bank Name:       The Construction Bank of China, Tianjin Brach
Account Name:   Wang Han (Han is first name, Wang is family name)
Account No:      4367 4200 6135 0382 936

PayPal: Because Paypal will no longer work with charity institutions
               (among others) in China, donations will now be routed through
               The Anti-Fur Society of the Misha Foundation.  Our donations
               are always sent via Western Union.

If you have trouble with the donation button, click on this link:

Confirmation email adress for the Tianjin Cat's Hope Rescue: