People4Chinese animals is a growing group of individuals from around the world united online to support compassionate, animal caring citizens in China, who are working tirelessly to save homeless animals in that country.

We raise and provide funds for Chinese animal welfare groups so they can secure food and medication for animals in dire need and conduct "TNR"  (trap/neuter/return) programs directed at abandoned pets. Through TNR, we aim to control populations of thousands of new homeless pets in a country where abandoning animals is a daily fact of live. Our goal is to help the groups in China become strong enough to ultimately stand on their own and form local animal welfare organizations.

We believe if we can help Chinese welfare groups coordinate their efforts, there will be a strong foundation in China to reject animal abuse.  We believe our work is necessary to provide hope and encouragement to our fellow animal advocates in China to continue their heroic efforts.

Animals in China are considered by most as non-sentient beings. Lacking humane animal laws, China has institutionalized cruel treatment of animals.  Chinese fur factories, the slaughter of dogs and cats for food, and the feeding of live animals to caged exotic animals are all ‘business as usual.’

Furthermore, across the country there are millions of homeless animals, ironically because of the recent economic developments that have brought wealth to many Chinese.  Wealthier Chinese citizens rushed to buy pets but soon to find out they didn't want them and threw them into the streets. Today, the abandoned pets suffer horrific abuses by passers by or end up being snatched by the meat/fur pet trade.

In spite of much suffering, there is hope.  A humane consciousness is rising – though ever so slowlly - among some Chinese citizens who are going against the prevailing culture.  These dedicated individuals are trying to improve the conditions of the defenseless even at the risk of their financial and physical well-being. The challenges for these rather small groups are sometimes overwhelming.  Many animal caring people have abandoned saving animals because of the financial strain as well as harassment by neighbors.  But others continue their work, and it is for them we created for People4Chinese Animals.

Our group intends to work hard at the grass-roots level on the mainland China to both bring out the love for pets and  stamp out the abhorrent practices of pet for food and fur, an industry that sees literally millions of dogs and cats each year suffer terribly at the hands of greedy traders.
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