Guang Yuan Boai Animal Protection Center was founded by Ms Du Yufeng in 2008 after the 5/12 Beichuan Earthquakes.  It is a non-profit animal rescue center functioning on Ms Du Yufeng’s own finances and the donations from warm hearted people.  This is the first animal rescue center in the North area of Sichuan Province and is about 300km from the capital city Chengdu.

Ms Du saved about 300 dogs when the local government ordered to cull the dogs that survived the earthquake by beating them to death to avoid the potential spread of disease.  She stood up for the dogs and negotiated with the local government for permission to keep stray dogs in her own home.  Since then she has been spending all her savings on the dogs, thus relinquishing her dream of establishing her own private youth school.  She has had a long journey with many hardships since her savings were not sufficient to save so many stray animals.  Nevertheless she kept her faith and did not spare her love and compassion, and kept on working tirelessly to help abandoned animals of Guang Yuan and other cities. 

Guang Yuan Boai Animal Protection Center also works to educate
people on how to care and protect animals, to name a few:

--  Do not abandon dogs and cats as they are members of the family.

--  Provide shelter for abandoned animals and try to find them a new loving home.

--  Encourage others to adopt stray cats and dogs rather than buying from a breeder.

--  Follow the steps of TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) for stray animals. 

--  Help the volunteer service by donating, as this money goes to animal rescue and neutering.

The Animal Protection Law has brought high hopes for animal caring people in China, and it is not different for Ms. Du who dreams of the day when it will become a reality to help all Chinese animals. Meanwhile, much help is needed.  Please help reduce the stray animal numbers by donating to the Animal Protection Center so that more animals can be neutered, thus avoiding countless unwanted pets.  GYBAP financial report is monthly published on their webpage so you will know how your donation is spent.

We hope that with loving people's support, we will  reduce number of stray animals by neutering as many as possible, thus eliminating so much unnecessary suffering.

Guang Yuan Boai Animal Protection Center’s Bank Account Information is as below:

Bank Name:        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Sichuan Branch
Bank Address:   1 North Street, District of Lizhou, Guangyu 628000, Sichuan, China

Account Name:   Du Yu Feng (Du is family name, Yu Feng is first name)

Account No:        6222 0223 0900 0743 693

Swift Code:         ICBKCNBJSCN

Guang Yuan Boai Animal Protection Center
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